Cape Coral Farmer’s Market


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Better a small serving of vegetables with love than a fattened calf with hatred—Proverbs 15:17

If you love wandering aimlessly about fresh food vendors, well this is the place to be on a Saturday in Cape Coral, Florida.

My wife and I recently ventured to Cape Coral to see some family and escape the dreary Kentucky winter.  We had a week to spend in this part of the greater Ft. Myers area on the southwest coast of Florida.  We purposely flew in on Friday and not Saturday so we could go to the farmer’s market.  This is the best farmer’s food market I have seen.  It is lively, it is friendly, and it is packed.  So if your idea of shopping for vegetables is a leisurely stroll through the fresh food section of your local grocery store, you will be out of your element here.

Don’t get me wrong, you can get locked in here also, as I did when I discovered a thing called a star fruit.  A lady from Boston was looking at these as I was being inquisitive.  She said, “Don’t ask anymore questions, just get them, you’ll love them”.  And she was right.

This is the second  time my wife and I have been to this market and we will keep going back as long as my in-laws spend the winter in Cape Coral.  Heck, they don’t even have to invite us to come down.  We will just get a hotel.  It would be worth the trip to eat this produce for a week.

IMG_4244 2

Star fruit

IMG_4235 2

Honeybell oranges are the best.

IMG_4259 2

IMG_4267 2

IMG_0518 2

Though not as tasty as our Kentucky fresh tomatoes, these are still a welcome treat in winter.

IMG_4218 2

Plant City strawberries

IMG_0532 2

My only meat purchase, a beef empanada.  By the way, this was my first time eating one of these tasty delights.  It was a welcome break amidst all of the fruits and veggies.


Here is a link for the market.


One thought on “Cape Coral Farmer’s Market

  1. Kent, we couldn’t agree more about this market. When in Florida, Phyllis & I go ever Saturday morning. Your photos are great. Ed


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