London, Day 3

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The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


This quote summed up our day 3 in London.

We woke up to an overcast, grey day with constant drizzle.  If you are to experience life in London, it is only fitting that you deal with rainy days.  We packed our rain gear and headed out.

We rode the bus to The City in a steady rain, one of those rainy days that I have always read about in describing London weather.  Up to this point, we experienced wonderful, sunny days.

We disembarked, trying to dodge the rain and quickly ducked into Joe’s Kitchen. We had a light breakfast of croissants with jelly and coffee and tea.  It tasted so good and it got us out of the rain for a bit.

We puttered around The City for the rest of the morning and saw some amazing architecture.  We were meeting my son-in law for lunch at the Salvation Army headquarters. This was quite the surprise.  The Cafe 101 on the lower ground floor has delicious food, served in cafeteria-style, with many choices…all of it looked very tasty.  I think this is a nice little secret in London, the prices are very reasonable also.

We spent most of the afternoon at St. Paul’s, since it was warm and dry.  I just love being  in magnificent old cathedrals, places where I can drift back hundreds of years in the past, and at the same time, stay in the present. St. Paul’s was no exception.

After a thorough wandering around, we left my wife in the nave with our granddaughter who was sleeping at the time.  Since my wife doesn’t like heights or navigating narrow stairwells with numerous tourists, she volunteered to stay below while my daughter and I headed up to the dome for a view of London.

The stoppage of the rain coincided with our exit out onto the perch outside the dome.  The view of the city was incredible in spite of the heavy overcast.

We proceeded out of St. Paul’s to the Tower of London but got there a little too late, so we headed down to sit and gaze at the Tower Bridge and wait for the son-in-law to get out of his class for the day.  My wife and I took our granddaughter back on the bus to our flat in King’s Cross and called it a day.

IMG_2371 - Version 2 2

A nice dry table on a rainy day started with croissants and jelly at Joe’s Kitchen.

IMG_2376 2

Oh that British humor.


IMG_1941 2

St. Paul’s Cathedral.

IMG_1989 2

The view from the dome of St. Paul’s is breathtaking even on an overcast day.

Some amazing architecture in The City.

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IMG_2039 2

IMG_2028 2

IMG_2046 2

IMG_2054 2

The Tower Bridge



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