Paris…The Lazy way

IMG_2954 2


To err is human, to loaf is Parisian.—Victor Hugo

This quote summed up two of our days in Paris.

The first full day in Paris, we decided to let the Big Bus take us around the city so we could get an overall view of the city.  These buses have an open upper deck and ear phones to let you hear about what you are seeing.

The last full day in Paris, we were tired and hot, so we rode the Bat-o-bus (water taxi).  We viewed the city atop the gentle refreshing waters of the Seine.  Both of these experiences are highly recommended, especially by two middle-aged tourists during a hot week in July.

I wouldn’t recommend going to Paris in July because of the above mentioned heat and the height of the tourist season, but this was the only week we could go due to other circumstances. Nevertheless, the two modes of transportation around the city were very enjoyable and gave us a good view of Paris. It helps to get your bearings when visiting Paris for the first time.  We did a lot of walking and exploring on our own and I will save those adventures for upcoming blogs.

Normally, I avoid these touristy methods.  However, I can now see the advantage of doing this if you only have a limited time to see the city or if you have a week-long stay as we did and want to take some time to relax and still see the sights of Paris.

The following are photos I took while on board these methods of transportation around Paris.

IMG_2894 2

The Louvre from the Big Bus.

IMG_3493 2

Notre Dame from the Bat-o-Bus.

IMG_2913 2

Towers of Notre Dame from the Big Bus.

IMG_2938 2

Arc de Triomphe from the Big Bus.

IMG_3187 2

The Moulin Rouge from the Big Bus.


IMG_2989 2

The Eiffel Tower from the Bat-o-Bus.

IMG_3799 2

Bridges on the Seine from the Bat-o-Bus.

IMG_3048 2

Cafe de Flore from the Big Bus.

IMG_3119 2

A cafe in shadows on a Paris street taken from the Big Bus.

IMG_3091 2

One more cafe on the streets of Paris, taken from the Big Bus.

IMG_3144 2

Parisians on the steps by the Seine, taken from the Bat-o-Bus.


IMG_2981 2

Church steeples from the Bat-o-Bus.

IMG_2996 2

Buildings overlooking the Seine from the Bat-o-Bus.

IMG_3182 2

One of the many cathedral towers in Paris, taken from the Big Bus.

IMG_3204 2

I had to post an artsy shot from Paris, a little impressionism of the city street from the Big Bus.

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