London, Day 1


The man who can dominate a London dinner table can dominate the world—Oscar Wilde

If the above quote is accurate, then there is a great future in store for my 18-month old granddaughter. Not only did she dominate the dinner tables, she dominated the entire week.

We traveled to London last summer as a little party of five.  My daughter, her husband, my wife and I and the aforementioned future president, queen, emperor, or dictator.

After a much later arrival to Heathrow than we anticipated, we found our flat in Kings Cross and headed to Islington for a very-English meal of fish and chips and mushy peas.  We dined at The Angel.  It was a very good start to the trip.  But we were so exhausted. This was it for the night.  We went to bed before dark.

Our first full day began with a tube ride to Buckingham Palace to see the queen…well, her quaint residence anyway.

IMG_1408 2.JPG

IMG_1413 2.JPG

The front gates of Buckingham Palace was as close as we got.

IMG_1454 2

Obligatory photo of granddaughter, begging for an audience.

IMG_1705 2.JPG

This became our mantra in London and pretty much for the rest of our living days.

IMG_2241 2

We found The Phoenix Victoria for a traditional Sunday afternoon dinner.

IMG_2240 2

I see why it is traditional.  The Phoenix served a great Sunday dinner.

IMG_1527 2

The patio of The Phoenix.

IMG_1692 2.JPG

The London Eye, as seen on our walk along the Thames River.

IMG_1626 2

Westminster Abbey.

IMG_1735 2.JPG

Trafalgar Square.

IMG_2508 2.JPG

This is the smartest tourist tip.  It’s not just the accent that makes them seem smart.

IMG_2262 2

My first English tea at the Caffe’ Concerto.  Why didn’t that tradition start in America?

Stay tuned for day 2.



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