London, Day 6…Tower of London

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When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.—Samuel Johnson


This day was a beautiful sunny day and we got an early start. We headed on the bus to the Tower of London. I was very impressed with the Crown Jewels.  They gave me some good ideas of what to buy the missus for Christmas.

I thought about how we view the carvings and graffiti on the tower walls that were left behind by the prisoners.  It’s strange how we can view these poignant messages and through the hundreds of years of history they have endured, read them so matter-of-factly.

We loved our time here.  Then we crossed the London Bridge, not to be confused with the Tower Bridge, and ate fish and chips at The Barrow Boy and Banker, a pub on the south bank of the Thames. We washed it down with a half pint of Fullers.

We strolled down the south bank of the Thames past the Globe Theater and London Eye.  We crossed the Westminster Bridge and met my son-in-law at Churchill’s War Room.  He and my daughter toured the war room while my wife and I took our granddaughter across the street to St. James Park for her daily release of energy.

We had our evening meal at Colosseo, an Italian Restaurant on Victoria Street. I had gnocchi and it was so good.

We headed back to our flat in Kings Cross to rest up for our last full day in London.

IMG_2377 2

Tower of London

IMG_2460 2

Inside the prison tower.

IMG_2429 2

Guard stationed outside the Crown Jewels.

IMG_2408 2

Typical tourist shot of guard at his post.

IMG_2479 2

Street portrait of Shakespeare.

IMG_2481 2

Globe Theatre

IMG_2487 2

London Eye

IMG_2466 2

Millennium Bridge with the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

IMG_2509 - Version 2 2

The remnants after a thoroughly devoured ice cream cone in St. James Park.

IMG_2514 2

Colosseo, a very good Italian Restaurant…get the gnocchi.

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