Istanbul…in Bloom


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If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul.—Alphonse de Lamartine


I don’t know if Istanbul is the most beautiful city I have ever seen, but on this day in Goztepe Park (above photo) with the tulips in bloom, it was surely one of the most memorable days I have spent abroad.

April in Istanbul is truly beautiful.  Flowers are in bloom all over the city.  I saw daisies, hyacinths, the most impressive wisteria blooms I have ever seen, and of course tulips.

We were in Istanbul in early April of this year.  We spent a lot of time in parks since we were babysitting our granddaughter while her parents were in language classes.  Leslie Knope’s head would be spinning with the landscaping budget that Istanbul procures for their parks.  I have never seen such beautiful parks in a city, so colorful with all of the flowers in bloom.

Their were two places where tulips were the most impressive. The Sultanahmet Square outside of the Hagia Sophia which has the largest bed of tulips in the world and the previously mentioned Goztepe Park.

If you love spring blooms, especially tulips and wisteria, visit Istanbul in early April.

IMG_6380 2

Blossoms outside the Blue Mosque.

IMG_6456 2

Tulips and minaret outside Hagia Sophia.

IMG_6385 2

Tulips in bloom outside the Blue Mosque.

IMG_2297 2

Wisteria and redbud blooms in one of the parks in Kadidoy.

IMG_2436 2

Landscaping in a Kadikoy park.


IMG_2275 2

Flowers for sale from a street vendor.

IMG_6425 2

IMG_6431 2

The largest tulip bed in the world at Sultanahmet Square, outside the Hagia Sophia.

IMG_6366 2

Tulips and daisies around a fountain near the spice market.


The following photos are of flowers in Goztepe Park in the Kadikoy section of Istanbul.

IMG_6559 2

IMG_6613 2

IMG_6635 2

IMG_6586 2

IMG_6587 2

IMG_6665 2

IMG_6595 2

IMG_6581 2

IMG_6576 2

IMG_6606 2

IMG_6585 2

Mrs. Big Surf strolling and wishing for a bigger tulip budget.

IMG_6609 2


Hoscacal, Istanbul.


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