Paris en Noir et Blanc

img_7678 2


We’ll always have Paris—Rick Blaine from Casablanca


There is very little to read in this blog.  It will be like my favorite books…lots of pictures.

The sky was cloudy and overcast the entire week we were in Paris and Brunoy.  I thought that made for better black and white photos with a white sky.  I hope you like these.


img_4820 2

img_7491 2

img_7599 2

img_7451 2

img_7572 2

img_7529 2

img_7453 2

img_7848 2

img_7703 2

img_7464 2

img_7788 2

img_7720 2

img_7808 2

img_7555 2

img_7672 2

img_7935 2

img_7807 2


img_7775 2

img_7566 2

img_7604 2

img_7912 2

img_4765 2

img_7765 2

img_7610 2

img_7756 2

img_7556 2

img_7621 2

img_7869 2

It took three years of discussion to approve the Eiffel Tower.  I wonder who thought this wasn’t a good idea.



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