London, Day 2…Chelsea



But for now, it’s just another Chelsea Monday—Marillion

Day two in London just happened to be a Monday.  I wrote a blog about the tube ride out to Chelsea.  If you want, you can read about it here.

We stumbled out of the tube station and made our way outside to a glorious Chelsea Monday.  We found Bluebird on Kings Road. We grabbed a table in the courtyard.  I had riggotoni, my wife dined on eggs Florentine, my daughter had fish and chips, and my son-in-law enjoyed his chicken sandwich.  All of our dishes were really good.

After our meal, we went on a long walk along the Thames and found the entrance to Ranelagh Gardens.  We wanted to let our granddaughter run off some energy so she would take a nap.

We headed back to Chelsea for some gelato at Venchi.  This was a really good idea.

While the rest of the party went shopping, I headed out to find The Cross Keys, once a hangout of The Rolling Stones.  It’s located in a quaint neighborhood with wonderful architecture.  I enjoyed the walk through this part of Chelsea.  I had a half pint at the tavern and thought about my love of music that began in those sixties that included the Stones.  I snapped myself back to the twenty-first century and headed back to meet my family for supper.

One of the most enigmatic experiences we had in London involved our decision to eat at Pizza Express on Kings Road.  We walked past this place three or four times, intrigued by the entrance with statues and courtyard, however we were put off by the name.  In the US, an eatery by the above name would not be associated with fine Italian dining.  Well let me tell you, the old saying about being all in the name, did not apply here. This was one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten.  My wife and I shared a Margherita Pizza.

After our tube ride out to Chelsea, we decided to ride a double-decker bus back to our flat in King’s Cross to prepare for Day 3.



Bluebird courtyard.


Walking along the Thames.



Inside Venchi there are many colorfully wrapped candies.



Me and Mick are going to head to London and jam with The Stones—Jeff Spicoli


Inside The Cross Keys

IMG_1932.JPGRed door near The Cross Keys


I walked by these houses looking for The Cross Keys.


Tavern on Kings Road in Chelsea.



I love the name of this women’s athletic wear boutique.


Entrance to Pizza Express.


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