Cambridge, Day 4…My Favorite


IMG_2213 2

I wish relationships were as easy as math and physics.—A Cambridge Student

My favorite day on our trip to London was the day spent in Cambridge.  If London was a committed relationship, then Cambridge was the fling you couldn’t get out of your mind.

It was one day to just get lost in the history and meander through the narrow stone streets.  To imagine the likes of Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Francis Bacon, Niels Bohr, James Clerk Maxwell, William Wordsworth roaming these same streets in their days was pretty cool.  My wife and I were looking for the legendary sticky Chelsea Buns at Fitzbillies.  I have no idea what the aforementioned brainiacs would be looking for, but I do know the subatomic particles in these pastries were beyond their discovery.

We rode the train from King’s Cross to Cambridge on another rainy day.  My son-in-law was scheduled for classes most of the day.  It was a very pleasant train ride north to Cambridge that took about 45 minutes.

The rain let up as soon as we left the train station for our walk into the old town.  The rest of our time in Cambridge was overcast with only a few periods of light drizzle.

My wife and I split a full English breakfast at Fitzbillies, called the Full Fitzbillies, and topped it off with some Chelsea buns…wow!!!

While my wife and daughter went shopping, I took our granddaughter and meandered through the streets of the town hoping to soak up some left over intelligence that some very smart people didn’t need and may have left behind.

I took a lot of pictures in those two hours while pushing a sleeping child in a stroller.

I was fortunate enough to go to Evensong at the King’s College Chapel. The chapel, a rather minimalist description for such a grand building, was completed in 1515.  Evensong has been sung consistently for over 500 years.  If you get a chance to witness this service, by all means take that opportunity.

Since it wasn’t the service for an 15-month old girl, my family allowed me to go and they relieved me of babysitting duties.

After Evensong, I met them for Thai food at Mai Thai.  It was a very good end to the day.  We rode the train back to London.

I don’t seem to be any more intelligent, however my taste buds received a Ph.D.

IMG_2080 2

Chelsea buns in the window of Fitzbillies.

IMG_2081 2

A tower of macaroons in the window of Fitzbillies.

IMG_2158 2

Bicycles seem to be the mode of transportation in Cambridge.

IMG_2085 2

IMG_2199 2

IMG_2128 2

IMG_2145 2

IMG_2099 2

IMG_2222 2

Well, you asked, this is punting.

IMG_2112 2

IMG_2180 2

IMG_2228 2

King’s College Chapel


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