A Merry Christmas Week in Paris

IMG_7904 2

Paris is always a good idea—Audrey Hepburn


When the opportunity arose for us to go to Paris to meet our son and his family during the Christmas week, it wasn’t too hard of a decision for us.  The only thing that was of any concern was how our toddler grandchildren would do on the plane and handle the time change.

Needless to say it did put a crimp in my picture-taking, as I am always lagging behind and my family gets tired of waiting on me.  The unapproving stares from my wife relates just as well in French as in English.  So there is NO attempting long exposures and I didn’t even pack a tripod.  Toddlers and their parents and their grandmother don’t understand the painstaking effort it takes to get just the right exposure in dim lighting.

Oh well, that is why they make high-speed settings on cameras.

I hope you enjoy these photos of the week in Paris.  You can see black and white photos in the previous blog.

IMG_7510 2


IMG_7944 2

I loved the lights on Rue Cler in the 7th arrondissement.


IMG_7497 2




IMG_4630 2


IMG_4633 2

The famous Cafe de Flore on Boulevard Saint-Germain.


IMG_7498 2


IMG_7547 2

Boulevard Saint-Germain


IMG_7525 2

Cool Christmas tree in front of Notre Dame.


IMG_7553 2

Ralph Lauren on Boulevard Saint Germain.


IMG_7763 2


IMG_7490 2


IMG_7440 2


IMG_7782 2


IMG_7817 2


IMG_7941 2


IMG_7522 2


IMG_7520 2


IMG_7642 2


IMG_7629 2


IMG_7830 2


IMG_7628 2


IMG_7501 2

I just want to say, some activities take precedent over photo taking, but I’m not bitter.

May the joy of Christmas be with you all year.


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