Day 7…Munich, Germany

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Everything has an end; only sausages have two.—German saying.

After a sleepless night for some of us, those that had two of the children, there was a rocky start to the day.  In the meantime, I went for some pastries and coffee to bring back to the room.

However, we pulled our collective acts together and ventured out for our first full day in Munich, Germany.

We left the Hotel Olympic and strolled toward Marienplatz to witness the  Glockenspiel at the New Town Hall for the 11:00 viewing.  Of course the first stop was coffee. Lucky for us we walked by Man vs. Machine coffee-house. We strolled past the Jewish Synagogue and the Munich City Museum.

The plaza was packed but the people quickly dispersed after the show.  Glockenspiel viewing works up an appetite so…we headed for something to eat.

We wanted a beer garden and found one across from the Viktualienmarkt, Der Pschorr.  We had a very good lunch and the beer was excellent.  The sausages and potatoes were the best we had so far.

After lunch, we split up.  I went to climb the steps of the oldest church in Munich, St. Peter’s.  The rest of the group rambled over to the Viktualienmarkt and then off to a cafe.  We were to meet up at the English Garden.

The tower of St. Peter’s Church gives impressive views of the city of Munich and you can see the nearness of the Alps.

We all met outside of the English Garden and went in for a nice respite from city touring.  The children loved piddling around and playing in the stream and the adults liked the relaxing part, well those of us who weren’t chasing children.

On the way back to the Hotel Olympic, we found some strudel  and a pretzel and ate them in the common area of the hotel.  It was a good finish to the day of touring, or an appetizer before heading out to our evening meal.

We ended the day with good Bavarian food at Maximilian. We had the roasted pork.  It was so good.

Back to the hotel for our last night in Munich and heading to Istanbul tomorrow.

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A good pastry to start the day.



IMG_2010 2

Good coffee here.

IMG_2011 2

Obligatory cool coffee photo.

IMG_2015 2

The Jewish Synagogue.

IMG_2016 2

Munich City Museum.

IMG_2018 2

New Town Hall with the glockenspiel and the golden-top statue of Mary in the center of Marienplatz.

IMG_6099 2

The glockenspiel in New Town Hall.

IMG_2110 2


IMG_2065 2

Der Pschorr, a really good beer garden across the street from the Viktualienmarkt.

IMG_2046 2

A good beer garden has to have good beer, right?

IMG_2063 2

One of the most memorable meals was lunch at Der Pschorr.

IMG_2066 2

The beginning of the climb up the steps of St. Peter’s Tower.  It did open up more… for you that are claustrophobic.

IMG_2075 2

Munich from St. Peter’s tower.

IMG_2079 2

You can see the Alps in the distance.

IMG_2072 2

New Town Hall seen from St. Peter’s tower.

IMG_2094 2

A good time in the English Garden.

IMG_2107 2

I actually took a little nap under the shade of this tree in the English Garden.

IMG_2080 2

Old Town Hall.

IMG_6216 2

Theatinerkirche in late afternoon.

IMG_6151 2

Maximilian I statue and The Residenz in Max-Joseph-Platz.

IMG_2111 2

New Town Hall splashed in late afternoon sun.

IMG_2117 2

Really good Bavarian food at Maximilian.

IMG_2121 2

A good end to a good day at Maximilian.

IMG_6124 2

A farewell to Munich, one last look.






Day 6…Goodbye Austria, Hello Munich

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The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.—St. Augustine of Hippo


We woke up this morning to our last day in Austria.  We had a tasty breakfast in the garden of Hotel Nala and checked out.  We loved this hotel.

We ventured into Old Town again with the children in tow and the ladies went to shop and the men performed their duties admirably with the children and kept them alive. Innsbruck is such a lovely city to wander in, good shopping, good eating, good architecture to admire, and of course the Alps are everywhere in the background.

We spent our morning in Old Town and gathered for lunch on the main pedestrian walk, Maria-Theresien-Strasse, and ate at Sensei for very good sushi. Afterward we enjoyed some gelato at Tomasseli Gelateria which is nearby.

We had a wonderful stay in Innsbruck and we loaded up and headed off for the two-hour drive to Munich.

In Munich, we stayed at Hotel Olympic.  I need to say something about this hotel.  It was very nice and the staff was very friendly and helpful.  The hotel is located conveniently near the Viktualienmarkt and an easy walk to Marienplatz.  There are numerous multicultural restaurants in the area. I researched the hotel online and it had good reviews and I will give it a good review here.  Rick Steves book described it as “artsy”. However, I must tell you if you have an aversion to nudity in art, you may want to ask for a room that displays art that is more suited to your tastes.  My son, who has a small daughter was given a room with a graphic orgy scene.  The manager was called and he gracefully removed it and all was well.

We had already seen Frauenkirche on the day we landed in Munich five days ago. That day we had lunch on the plaza outside the church.  We had an assortment of cheeses and sausages and sauerkraut at Nurnberger Bratwurst-Glockl am Dom. The food was very good.  We used this time to have a reunion meal with our family that we hadn’t seen for many months since they had moved to Turkey.

Back to the day at hand.  After checking in at Hotel Olympic, my son-in-law took our rental van back to the airport.  While he was gone, we took the kids on a stroll to a park by the Isar River that runs through Munich.  We met up with him later and had our evening meal at an Afghani restaurant across from our hotel, called Bamyan Narges.

We had a wonderful dinner here. All the dishes were excellent.  My wife and I ordered Keema Bamyan for appetizer and an entrée of Quabelli Palau with grilled lamb.

Afterward, we went for a walk and found some good ice cream.  It had been a good day of Innsbruck and Munich.

Next, our first full day in Munich.

IMG_1896 2

One of the ornate facades in Old Town Innsbruck.

IMG_6027 2

A narrow street in Old Town Innsbruck.

IMG_5997 2

Row buildings in Innsbruck.

IMG_6004 2

A window in Old Town Innsbruck.

IMG_1901 2

One of the many outdoor sitting areas in Innsbruck.

IMG_1907 2

Sensei is upstairs, not the restaurant on the ground floor.

IMG_1933 2

Really, really good sushi at Sensei Sushi Bar and outdoor dining is available.

IMG_1938 2

Tomaselli gelateria has delicious gelato in Innsbruck.

IMG_1963 2

Hotel Olympic in Munich is a very good hotel with questionable art, but  very good service and the location is perfect for Old Munich.

IMG_1140 2

Wonderful dining on the plaza of Frauenkirche in Munich.

IMG_1147 2

I previously took photos of golf courses, now it is dining experiences.  This is another view of the outdoor dining on the plaza of Frauenkirche in Munich. We ate Nurnberger Bratwurst-Glockl am Dom, which is on the right.

IMG_1146 2

Sausage, cheese, and radish platter at Nurnberger.

IMG_1946 2

St. Maximillian Church in Munich.

IMG_1960 2

The bank of the Isar River is a popular gathering destination in Munich. St. Maximillian Church is in the background.

IMG_1968 3

Bamyan serves delicious Afghani food in Munich.

IMG_1975 2

Keema Bamyan at Bamyan.

IMG_1977 2

Quabelli Palau with grilled lamb was excellent at Bamyan.

IMG_1996 2

Street scene near the Hotel Olympic.

IMG_1980 2

Sunset clouds on our first night in Munich.

IMG_1985 2

Ice cream of course at the end of a good day.