Life on the Streets of Cap-Haitien

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Don’t insult the alligator until you have crossed the river.— Haitian proverb


After my recent trip to Haiti, I found this Haitian proverb.

Like most of the problems I have, I tend to overthink–same here.  I’m thinking about this proverb…does it mean “don’t poke the beast”? Does it mean live with the alligator a while to experience what his life is like on a day to day basis? Or just keep your mouth shut if you don’t know what you are talking about?

The Haitian people never cease to amaze me.  Their lives are hard, they are poor, they struggle but they have the best smiles.  They go about their day and survive as we all do, the best we can.

I took a lot of photos of the people on the streets in Cap-Haitien because I am fascinated by the lively activity and the colors.  Most of these photos were taken from the third or fourth row of a 15-passenger van that was at full capacity and then some.

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The drivers in Haiti have to navigate what looks like total chaos to me.  However, I guess to them, it is normalcy.  The following two shots are looking through the windshield from my vantage point in the van.

IMG_0144 2

IMG_0097 2


The following photos are from some rural scenes in northern Haiti.

IMG_1834 2

IMG_1801 2

IMG_1794 2

IMG_1797 2

IMG_1850 2

IMG_1856 2

IMG_1841 2

IMG_1822 2


I’ve stated before that my trips to Haiti are challenging and difficult at times, but whenever I come home, I always have a deeper respect and admiration for the people of Haiti and I pray that one day their lives will be easier and more comfortable and more prosperous.

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