Hibachi Express

I love sushi, but I am not going to write a column about it—Joel Stein

I am not familiar with Mr. Stein’s work, but I will write about a restaurant that makes sushi.

I was in Morehead, KY yesterday and had some time to stop at one of my favorite Asian take-out eateries. Yes, even in eastern Kentucky we have access to good Asian take-out. I really like the food from Hibachi Express. It is very tasty and as far as a good ole boy from the hills can tell, it seems to be pretty authentic compared to other high end Asian restaurants where I have eaten.

Hibachi Express is in a fairly nondescript location, at one end of a gas station/C-store. It reminds me of my son when we ate at a restaurant in a similar-type location in my hometown. He asked if we were going to eat at the “gas station restaurant.”

I have gotten food here seven or eight times and have always loved the flavor of each dish. Today was the first time I ordered sushi from Hibachi Express. I had the Spicy Tuna Roll and it was very good. I also ordered some Vegetable Lo-Mein. It was one of the best Asian dishes I have eaten in recent memory.

This Spicy Tuna Roll was very good.

The Vegetable Lo-Mein was one of the best tasting Asian dishes I have had in recent memory.

This dining experience was typical of what recent events offer, eating my good Asian food in my car in an ice-covered Kroger parking lot. To quote a favorite song from The Andy Griffith Show, “Welcome sweet springtime, we greet thee in song.” When can I start singing?

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