Risotto with Lemon and Shrimp

I hate the opera. I think I must have a tin ear. No matter how hard I concentrate, it still sounds like a bunch of Italian chefs screaming risotto recipes at each other.—Aristotle Onassis

So, I had this crisis of morality…

Mrs. Big Surf found this incredible recipe of Giada De Laurentiis on line. I wanted to make this incredible recipe, for I love Giada’s recipes. Frankly I haven’t found a bad one yet. And risotto is one of my new food loves.

Growing up in eastern Kentucky did not provide a lot of opportunities to eat risotto, so let’s just say I came to this love affair later in life.

I love everything about risotto. I love the versatility of risotto, it is the utility player on the Italian team. I love cooking risotto and the time it takes for the creaminess of risotto to come to fruition. I also love the fact that this is included in the Mediterranean Diet and I can check that box to make me feel better, since we are having trouble fully converting to this diet. (The two pizzas and quarter pound of bacon we ate this weekend would have sent us spiraling into a pit of self-loathing if we hadn’t enjoyed them so much.) However, cheating on the Mediterranean Diet was not my crisis of morality.

This is my crisis of morality…if I did not fix the risotto exactly like Giada’s recipe says, do I have to give her credit or can I just call it mine?

Her recipe calls for fennel. I used leeks and fennel seeds.

Her recipe calls for arugula. I used spinach.

My attorney friend tells me there is a little thing called “intellectual property” I have to abide by. Since I am not very smart, “do I have to abide by this intellectual property?” He says, “nice try.”

So in light of the above conversation, I will not call this my own recipe and I will not post the recipe. However I will give you the link where I found it. I have enough intellectual properties about me to accomplish that.


2 thoughts on “Risotto with Lemon and Shrimp

  1. Kent, went to Gaia’s recipe and she called for rice. Is her “rice” actually risotto or did you make a substitution? Ed


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