Garden Tomato Pasta Sauce

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.—Miles Kington

It was a perfect storm, a garden tomato deluge…

I was experiencing a minor horticultural miracle of some sort as my tomato plants were actually producing this year. I had just picked some beautiful tomatoes when my cousin brought me a bucket of their beautiful tomatoes that I had requested and then I saw my neighbor bringing me some of his beautiful tomatoes. This took place in a span of about fifteen minutes.

It was a lycopene squall !!!

The dilemma now at hand was how to use all of these “love apples” and not waste any of them. I gave some to a friend of mine who I am always indebted to for his many acts of kindness because free garden tomatoes covers a myriad of paybacks.

Next I used one whole tomato in a blender with hot sauce, Worchester sauce, salt, pepper, and lime juice to create a mix for a Bloody Mary so I could ponder what to do with the rest of these lovely things.

I decided to make a tomato pasta sauce so I could use up four of the tomatoes and searched online for a good sauce. I settled on Chef Ray McVinnie’s sauce I found on YouTube,

I was shocked at how much olive oil was used. But it was delicious. As I said I used four medium to large tomatoes and followed his recipe pretty close.

Since this sauce was made, I have also eaten about two tomatoes a day. Now I am ready for more. So if anyone has fresh tomatoes, my acidic levels have neutralized in my body, so I can introduce more acid into my innards. VIVA IL POMODORO!!!

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