Alone in Naples, Florida

If you’re lonely when youre alone, you’re in bad company—-JeanPaul Sartre

At the present time, I am on a week vacay in Naples, Florida. Mrs. Big Surf and I decided to use up a couple of frequent flyer tickets so we could burn a credit card and save $95.00 a year. So we came to pay a visit to our cousin and his lovely bride. It was a 1200-mile pop-in.

So it’s midweek and I am just now getting into a calm and serene state. I am retiring from work soon and today is hopefully a microcosm of what that will look like, minus the Florida surroundings. We will be considerably further north on Google Maps. Anywho, I awoke with a burst of energy akin to my grandchildren. I occasionally have these moments in the mornings of my off days when I feel I can do anything except what Mrs. Big Surf has on her honey-do thingy list.

Today is one of those days that I hope fills my retirement…relaxing in the morning with three cups of coffee, good conversation, breakfast, bike ride, swim, write a blog, nap, dinner. Repeat.

Currently I am sitting by the pool writing this blog. I just wanted to look busy and successful at one time in my life. I mean who would sit by a pool in Florida on their laptop, unless you were so important that you couldn’t take a break for a few minutes and sit by the pool or you are one of those novel writers that’s doing some research for a murder-mystery about the sudden disappearance of the head of the pickle ball organizational committee set in the confines of a pristine south Florida residential setting with a few pools for pretenders like me to look like a pretentious writer? I would be wearing a tweed jacket out here by the pool but I would hate to stand out. I am already a 60’s something white guy in a South Florida retirement area and already conspicuos. Well Hemingway lived in south Florida, right?

Ok so what does this have to do with the above photo and the quote about solitude.


The cuz had to take his dog for a visit to his canine doctor (remember we are in south Florida where everyone has their doctor). The two missuses (or is it missi?) went to call on the shop proprietors . I was left alone at the important part of the day when it is time to eat lunch.

I realized no one was coming back soon to feed me, so I fantasized on surviving this lone period with my kitchen smarts and fine-cooking experience. Of course if I wrote a book about these two aspects of my life, you could read it between bladder eventualities after the aforementioned three cups of joe.

However I still had to survive.

So I thought of vegetarian street tacos. I was in a house so I guess we can drop the “street“.

I foraged through the fridge for ingredients then sautéed some small sweet peppers, carrots, onion, and jalapeños with salt and pepper and smoked paprika. I heated up left-over black beans and rice then assembled. I topped with some small cucumbers for crunch, added some scallions and cheese and guacamole, then drizzled some lime juice.

It was very good. Sometimes I am impressed by my survival skills.

I bet Hemingway never had to deal with that level of stress.

Just so you believe me, here is photo of my surroundings today.

2 thoughts on “Alone in Naples, Florida

  1. I’m also alone for lunch and not in the best of company. I’m having an egg salad on whole grain white bread and a Diet Coke. I didn’t get the cooking gene. Loved the blog.


  2. Enjoyed post.taco things sounded amazing.good luck .safe travels.
    And you should do a soon to be retired cooks view of the kitchen..afan


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