The Lake Park Diner in Naples, FL

People who love to eat are always the best people—Julia Child

Today is a great day. It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and I’m still in my pajamas.

Here’s why:

We now live on a small lake in southeastern Indiana. It’s cold and snowy and Mrs. Big Surf says I can’t go outside to play.

So when I see snow, I think of the sun, surf, and always…good food.

In October of last year (2021), Mrs. Big Surf and I traveled to the warmth and beauty of Naples, Florida to visit the cuz and his lovely bride. For some reason they seem to think we are enjoyable company.

Our first meal was very memorable, breakfast at The Lake Park Diner. It was memorable for two reasons. First of all the food was tremendous. Along with outdoor seating and a beautiful morning, this made for a great late morning eat-a-rama. A second memorable thing happened, the Mrs. Cuz threw down the gauntlet with her attempt to silence my powerful pen and not do a blog about this “diner with a conscience”. I was aghast to think someone would not want to see this wonderful diner praised in the world of mega-bites. (Wow how clever is that).

She admitted that she did not want this diner spoiled with all of the publicity this perspicacious (you will have to look this word up, took me three times to spell it) writing would bring to south Florida. So I will plead with all of you forty-six followers, please stay away. Now to the attorney for The Lake Park Diner, I hope this doesn’t make me culpable in some sort of smear campaign against this fine establishment.

This is a great place for a relaxing breakfast in Naples.

I went out of my comfort zone and ordered the Korean Short-rib Hash, which is pictured above. This was very good and very foreign to a good’ole boy from Appalachia. Also some very tasty deviled eggs had to be tried. Mrs. Big Surf ordered the Buttermilk Chicken Biscuit which was fabulous.

Wonderful deviled eggs with bacon jam and smoked paprika and topped with micro greens.

The Buttermilk Chicken Biscuit was served with a side of fruit. This was a good dish.

The menu board at The Lake Park Diner.

Very comfortable dining in the large outside area.

I normally don’t show men’s bathroom art, but this was pretty cool.

I really don’t know what the phrase “Diner with a conscience” means but I was self-conscious downing my breakfast so fast.

Now I am going to try to dance on the legal high wire here and tell you what a wonderful experience we had eating breakfast at The Lake Park Diner and keeping all of my viewers from showing up in droves here. So if you will, make sure Mr. and Mrs. Cuz are dining elsewhere when you show up at The Lake Park Diner and it will be our little secret.

One thought on “The Lake Park Diner in Naples, FL

  1. A winter wonderland. Not too long ago I ran across a picture of you and I meeting at the swinging bridge. A beautiful snow and cobalt blue sky. Ms. Phyllis took the picture. Yes, I will try new place next trip to Fla. Ed


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