Maui…Wowie, Part 2 (A Whale of a Good Time)

The whale is the largest mammal, but as George says, “It doesn’t have to be”—Seinfeld

We spent a week on Maui…

Knowing what I know now about Maui, the above statement is all you need to know. Maui is a US destination that has it all, scenery, climate, beautiful beaches, mountains, hiking, adventure, great food, and for a few wonderful weeks out of the year in the winter…HUMPBACK WHALES!

I really didn’t expect much out of these large sea mammals. I equated seeing whales to watching dolphins on my many other trips to the beaches. Now that I have seen whales, it’s like watching a high school baseball game (dolphins) versus watching a major league baseball game (whales). I can’t imagine going back to Maui when the whales aren’t there, but rest assured there are many other things to keep you enthralled on this Hawaiian Island.

To say Mrs. Big Surf and I were mesmerized by these beautiful creatures would be an understatement. We watched them for hours on the patio of our condo, watched them on our beach walks, and went on a whale-watching tour.

When not watching whales, all we had to see was glorious sunsets, wonderful beaches, snorkeling among the reefs with sea turtles, an extinct volcano, and hidden waterfalls that are only known to millions of tourists (but still seemed untouched).

Before we delve any further into this blog, I realize this can be akin to watching someone else’s home movies from years past. At least if you get bored you can just click out.

The following are some of the photos of whales from afar with my telephoto lens. The title photo was from our whale-watching tour.

When whales jump out of the water it is called a “breach” and it is an impressive sight.

You also want to see a whale tail sighting.

This is an early morning shot of a mama and her baby.

Sometimes you just get a wave “hello”.

This whale came close to the shore in a bay on Sugar Beach one morning.

I would have liked to have traded places with this adventurous paddle-boarder. I was lazily on my patio drinking coffee when I took this photo.

We took a drive up to the top of the Haleakala crater to see the sunset because the Big Surfs are not morning folks. This gave us the day to go to Kahalui and get a carryout lunch from Tinroof and take it to Ka’a point and have a picnic.

The top of the mountain is over 10,000 feet. The drive up to the crater is impressive, however Mrs. Big Surf was a bit anxious due to her imagined, crippling thoughts of my ineptness behind the wheel and lack of guard rails.

You do have to enter the Haleakala National Park and pay a fee. If you get there early, which I recommend, you can hike in the crater.

The following photos are views of the summit of Haleakala…

The sunset above the clouds.

Coming back to sea level, we enjoyed the pristine beaches and sunshine of Maui. Beautiful beaches are everywhere on Maui because, you know, it is an island.

These are a few photos of the beaches on Maui…

Sugar Beach in Kihei with the island of Lanai in the background.

The rocks and reefs of Wakupu Beach in Wailea were great for snorkeling or just relaxing.

Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach

Beautiful and serene Ka’a Point outside of Kahalui on the north shore of Maui.

The beach at Ka’a Point.

Moss growing on the reefs on Sugar Beach.

We did not drive the road to Hana because we did not want to invest the time or car ride it takes to make the drive. Instead we went a short way, through the quaint town of Paia. This would be a great town to spend an afternoon exploring the shops.

A few miles outside of Paia on the Hana road is a trail to the Twin Falls. This is a short hike to a hidden pool with two waterfalls. I took a little swim here in the cold water under the falls, so cool…literally and experientially.

Twin Falls was a great destination for a short hike.

Bamboo trees seen on the hike to Twin Falls.

Old surfboard fence outside of Paia.

Mrs. Big Surf and I are not daredevilish by any means. Our big adventure at this point in our life is standing in line for food we have never tried. That being said, Maui gives the adventurer plenty of sea activities. The following photos are just an example of what awaits you if you so dare…

Everyone seemed to be sailors.

These lift foil boards would be fun. If you knew how to do it.

This could be fun if you were in the back and didn’t have to paddle.

Kayaks are very popular on Maui.

My favorite paddle-boarder.

Sunset walks are about as daring as I want to be now.

The island of Molokai is a short ferry ride from Lahaina.

Maui is a destination that should be considered for any vacation, if you don’t mind long plane trips. Adventure and relaxation awaits the travelers to this idyllic spot in the Pacific.

So one last sunset…

So, Aloha until Big Surf takes another trip or has a memorable meal or wants to show more home movies of the kids…

Not Mr. and Mrs. Big Surf but would have been a good ending.

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