West Liberty Christian Church Rolls

Taste and see that the Lord is good—Psalm 34:8

Church traditions date back to the earliest gatherings of Christians, some have even continued to these modern times.

Of all the traditions that still continue, my favorite has to be the potluck dinners.

Our West Liberty Christian Church in West Liberty, KY has had a tradition of wonderful potluck dinners, for we have had wonderful cooks over the years. I have loved every one of these dinners. I was in such good standing with one of these lovely ladies that she would hide me a piece of her lemon pie so I would be sure to get some of that deliciousness.

The homemade rolls at our church have always been a tasty tradition ever since I can remember. The rolls are called refrigerator rolls. The recipe is in our church cookbook. These rolls have been made by a few dedicated women over the years. I remember Maureen making them, Thelma making them, and lately (for at least a generation) Linda making them.

How can something so simple impart so much love and caring?

A successful after-church dinner is defined by getting at least two of these rolls and one deviled egg. Sometimes I get nervous if the line is long, so I will go grab a roll whilst I wait in line. I hope that tradition doesn’t catch on. So let’s keep that between you and me.

Below is the Holy Grail of roll recipes taken from the West Liberty Christian Church Cookbook,and unlike Indiana Jones, you don’t have to fight off the Nazi army to attain this treasure. Enjoy.

One thought on “West Liberty Christian Church Rolls

  1. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I’m trying it for our Easter dinner. I know how good these rolls are, and the smell of the dough in the fridge right now is incredible!


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