The Yoi Mañana

My whole life, I have been trying to cook an egg in the right way.—Jose Andres

It’s exciting to be present at the birth of something new, to experience an artist in the presence of painting a masterpiece, to be the first to hear a song written by a virtuoso musician, to experience the birth of your children…or to eat a brand new dish. My apologies to my kids for comparing the excitement of their entry into the world with an egg dish.

I am letting you, my scant horde of readers, in on one of those birthing experiences today.

I created this dish this morning, as I am always trying different ways to eat eggs for breakfast. This is a Japanese omelette called “tamagoyaki”. These are made in a rectangular pan. Actually it is half of a tamagoyaki, split with the lovely wife.

Most of my extemporaneous creations in the kitchen don’t turn out so great, however this one was quite good. The tamagoyaki was made with some cheddar cheese and prosciutto, served on a bed of spinach leaves, topped with fresh guacamole, and drizzled with Maggi Hot and Sweet sauce. Let’s see, we have Japan, Mexico, Italy, India, and a tomato from Morehead, KY. So a truly international dish.

To save you the time it takes to look up the name of the dish, it means “Good Morning” in Japanese and Spanish.

Surely something in here is part of the Mediterranean Diet.

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